Advanced Freediver

The Apnea Total Advanced course is designed to build upon your existing skills, master new advanced techniques and take your diving deeper!

The course runs over 3 days. We have a static breathhold workshop on day 1 and then 2hr theory and 2hr water sessions on the following days. During that time we teach exhale dives, Mammalian Dive Response, visualisation, deep diving techniques, breathing practice, dry training, freefall and advanced stretching. You can reach up to 30m in this course.

Included: Instructor, boat use, all equipment, PDF theory document & certification

3 Days



  • Mammalian Dive Response
  • Preparation for static apnea
  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Breathhold exercises
  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques
  • Training routine for increasing breathhold capabilities
  • Visualisation for deep dives
  • Deep equalisation
  • Warm-up dives and techniques
  • Thoracic stretches
  • Exhale dives & body adaptation to pressure
  • Review of safety, rescue & buddying protocols

Water Sessions (confined & open water)

  • Static apnea
  • Warm-up dives and techniques
  • Exhale dives
  • Free Immersion deep dives & technique
  • Constant Weight deep dives & technique
  • Practice of equalisation technique
  • Body relaxation and energy efficiency in the water
  • Safety, rescue & buddying practice for confined & open water

18 years or older

Apnea Total Freediver Certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation.

Medically fit to dive