Do you want to improve your freefall? Increase your depth? Need help with equalisation?

Coaching is a great way to get more experience in the water with an instructor by your side giving you personalised feedback. You can completely focus on your own diving, with the benefit of a structured training approach and lots of fun of course!

You will meet your instructor before the session and together we come up with a plan for your coaching session(s). Once we’re ready, we head in the water for a 2-hour water session – if conditions allow we will also film you. We always have a review afterwards to discuss your next steps in your freediving journey.

  • Price/Session: RM200 per person; discount for 3 or more sessions
  • Duration: 2 hours + briefing/ review 
  • Requirements: Valid freediving certification, medically fit for diving
  • Includes: Instructor, freediving equipment, complete set of buoy, boat use

Can be paired with a fundive to Renggis island.



Come and explore the islands and reefs of Tioman!

Tioman has many amazing freediving sites surrounding its shores that are only a short boat ride away. Sites range from beginner to advanced level, with turtles, sharks, swim-throughs and healthy coral to see.

Pulau Renggis
  • Can be combined with coaching, course or training session
  • 5 min boat ride away
  • Duration 1.5-2hrs
  • Sharks, turtles, barracudas, swim-through and coral
  • 5-15m depth
  • Good for beginners
Half-day trip
  • Can include a variety of dive sites, such as Batu Malang, Labas, Soyak, Renggis, Coral Island
  • 25min boat ride away
  • Duration 4-5hrs
  • Sharks, turtles, swim-throughs, rock formations, white sand beach, mangroves, coral
  • 5-17m depth
  • Some sites are for advanced divers
  • Minimum 4 divers

Email or Whatsapp us for options; these trips can be adapted to amount of divers and skill level.



Already experienced and ready to jump in the water? Want to dive with another freediving buddy?

Come train with us if you’re already an experienced freediver who can confidently safety another diver. Come with a buddy or join us for training. You should be certified above SSI 2, AIDA 3 or Apnea Total Advanced and demonstrate a high level of safety skills. If in doubt, we ask you for a coaching session first to assess your level.

  • Price: 80RM per person plus boat costs shared among all divers, if applicable
  • Includes: Facilities, equipment, buoy set up, boat

Note: Training slots only available pending course schedule; max 30m depth at the moment.