Freediving Education certified by:

Apnea Total and AIDA

Apnea Total and AIDA are both internationally recognised freediving certifications with schools all over the world. They offer a different philosophy to learning, but teach almost identical skills in open water and theory on beginner level. You can switch any time between certifications with an assessment session.

For questions send us an email or Whatsapp and we can advise you personally.


This is a 1-day discovery course teaching basic knowledge of freediving, such as breathhold techniques, relaxation and duckdives.


The 2.5-day beginner course teaches you all you need to know to start your freediving journey. An intense, fun course where you will learn a lot!


This 3-day course is designed to deepen your skills and make you an independent freediver that can safely train with others.


This is the first day of the Freediver course, a 1-day intro to freediving with limited depth that teaches you the basic skills.


This is a 2-day beginner course designed for anyone who wants to learn freediving, starting from scratch.


The 3-day Advanced Freediver Course is designed to take to a new level of freediving with new techniques.


The Master Freediver Course is a 4-5 week intensive training programme designed for you. Available on request.