Master Freediver

The Apnea Total Master course is a 4-5 week personalised training program, consisting of 24 sessions plus classroom reviews.

We will start off discussing your current level, challenges and progress so far. Based on that, you will be given an exercise routine, which you will be expected to follow in your own time as part of your training. The exercises will improve you flexibility, equalisation, high CO2 tolerance, relaxation, breathhold and breathing technique.

During the course, your routine will be updated by your instructor every week to reflect your progress. This classroom session is also a good time to discuss any specific questions or challenges with your instructor, that you may have encountered as part of your own training. Your coach is there to help and advise you.

In the water sessions we begin by focusing on relaxation, progressing with different exercises practicing freefalling, safeties, bottom times, stamina, statics and technique. Once we have a solid base, we will start to go deeper always emphasising safety and fun!

If appropriate, you will also have the chance to assist in Freediver courses.

If you don’t have enough time, but would like to start the progream, you can also do a half-master course with 12 sessions, which you can finish in 2-3 weeks. You can then complete the remainder at a later point here or at another Apnea Total school.

This course is offered only on request or certain dates as we are a small school.

1 month+


Program consists of:

  • Daily routine which includes stretching, breathing exercises, thoracic flexibility exercises, equalisation and CO2 tolerance. The routine will be updated based on individual progress
  • Workshops based on individual needs as well as safety, session set ups, technique, equalisation, nutrition and others
  • Water training sessions specifically designed for Master Freedivers
  • Tailored training to the individual according to progress and results
  • Assist instructors on the Freediver courses during classroom and water sessions
  • Regular reviews and briefing sessions with your instructor

Must have completed Apnea Total Advanced course or other equivalent freediving certification

Minimum age: 18 years

Medically fit to dive