AIDA 3 Advanced Course

AIDA 3OutlineClassroomWater SessionsPrerequisitesOutline The AIDA 3*  course builds upon your knowledge from AIDA 2* improving on your static, dynamic, rescue and open water diving skills. The new concepts that are introduced are the Mammalian Dive Response, free-falling, deep equalisation, more challenging rescue scenarios,  the use of training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure [...]

AIDA 2 Beginner Course

AIDA 2OutlineClassroomWater SessionsPrerequisitesOutline This is the 2.5-day beginner course in the AIDA certification system; a complete, challenging and rewarding course for anyone who loves the ocean! The course includes 5 hours of theory, 3 open water sessions and 2 confined water sessions You will learn all about freediving physiology, disciplines, equipment, breathing techniques, mental strategies [...]

AIDA 1 Introduction to Freediving

Intro to FreedivingOutlineClassroomWater SessionPrerequisitesOutline This is a 1-day class, the equivalent of a discovery dive. You will experience breathhold on land and in the water, as well as an open water session where you can go maximum 10m deep. We will run a 2 hour theory session prior to the water session that covers all [...]